Burn Out in Tech is Now a Real Medical Syndrome

Posted: July 24, 2019


As a member of the tech industry you’ve experienced or witnessed burnout, either short-term or long-term, on the job. The nature of the industry is to expect radical ups and downs in workload 


For example,implementations, upgrades or large rolloutthat be completed under deadline and without interfering with daily business of the company can lead to long hours. Technical professionals may be required to respond to emergencies such as cyber security breaches and other outages that need to be taken care of  yesterday. 


Conversely, there are downtimes when they are not as busy and there is time for scheduled updates, responding to calls and otherwise getting caught up on what couldn’t get done during crunch time. These kinds of ups and downs are a recipe for burnout, which has now this has been recognized as a genuine affliction.  


Burnout is a term often used casually to refer to anything form a tough day to a rough week, but the World Health Organization (WHO) notes these markers: 


  • Feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion 
  • Increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s job 
  • Reduced professional efficacy 


All three of these markers must be present to meet the criteria of burnout. 


recent survey of technical professionals reported they often suffer burnout on the job because of workload, poor work-life balance and lack of recognition. Management is typically at the root of the issue. Blind.com noted the following reasons cited as the largest reported causes of burnout on the job.  


Top 5 Reasons for Workplace Burnout 

  1. Poor leadership and unclear direction; 
  2. Work overload; 
  3. Toxic culture; 
  4. Lack of control and career growth; and  
  5. Insufficient reward and recognition. 


You can help avoid burnout among your technical staff by recognizing its validity to begin with and not simply brushing aside concerns. Then take steps to avoid and assuage the issue. Train managers, front line supervisors and individuals to recognize the signs.  


Recognize the contributions of employees to the organization so they feel valued and appreciated. Make work-life balance a priority with options such as flex time, comp time or remote work. 


Pay attention to the organizational culture. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day pressures and tasks. Take a step back to be sure that your company is operating in a way that is a true reflection of your values. 


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