3 Ways to Boost Team Morale Permanently

Posted: August 8, 2019

Employee morale and engagement matters. Studies suggest that engaged teams excel on the job over non-motivated employees by 22%. Other research shows that happy workers outperform unhappy employees by 12%. The takeaway is that workers work harder when they are happy on the job.


These are important statistics for any employer to take note of, particularly because happy workers can boost bottom line profits. There is no better justification for working to engage employees than the simple fact that corporate revenue and overall productivity will rise when your workers enjoy what they’re doing. But how can companies boost employee morale in a way that is sustainable for the long term?


Employee Happiness is More Than A Pizza Party

Remodeling your offices and adding a Ping-Pong table may be fun, but long-term employee happiness has less to do with pizza parties and more to do with having a purpose on the job. Employees want to feel like they’re part of something bigger than their individual effort; the best employees don’t want to just punch a time clock and get a paycheck. Here are three suggestions to get your business back on track.


  • Idea #1 – Find the Right Team
    Culture starts with the new employees you hire. That’s why hiring beyond the skill set is important in any job. The best teams collaborate and produce more, avoiding the drama and dysfunction that comes when you pick the wrong people for the seats on the bus. Hiring for cultural fit means you do a careful behavioral assessment of the motivations and attitudes of the candidate in addition to looking closely at their job experiences. Without this extra effort your team will simply not row in the same direction.
  • Idea #2 – Establish the Right Goals
    In addition to finding the right people, setting goals and then clearly communicating them will improve the chances that your employees will achieve them. Morale can dip when goals are not achievable or even communicated properly. Leaders should create goals in collaboration with the teams they’ve formed. This will improve stakeholder buy-in and engage the team in working together toward those goals. When employees understand the corporate mission and the steps necessary to achieve the goals they’ve set, they are more likely to be engaged and passionate about their work.
  • Idea #3 – Set Measurable Progress Points Toward Your Goals
    How often have you heard from employees that they don’t understand the “why” behind the tasks they’re doing? How many corporate memos have gone out that change policies and processes but fail to explain why adoption of new tasks or rules is necessary? Having the right people on the bus, with clearly articulated measurable goals are only two legs of the tripod; the third leg are the processes you use to reach goals. Set attainable benchmarks or interim targets on the roadmap to meet your goals. That way each employee will actually see their progress as they complete the steps necessary to reach their goals. As each milestone is achieved, rewards can be shared. It’s encouraging to make progress toward a goal. This will keep employees motivated, engaged, and happier at work.

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