Where is the Tech Industry Headed in 2019?

Posted: February 25, 2019


As technology continues to evolve, companies are expanding their workforces to keep up. From virtual reality to artificial intelligence, changes in the way we live our lives are forcing companies to seek out workers with new skills and abilities. A leader in Michigan tech staffing, Select Resources, helps companies throughout the state find top talent for their open positions. Read on to discover the most in-demand tech sector jobs of 2019.


Cybersecurity Engineer

It’s seems like every day a major company is suffering a hack or security breach. With that in mind, it’s no surprise security is becoming a top concern of businesses across the nation. In 2019, companies should anticipate hiring more cybersecurity engineers to protect their employees and customers from online dangers.


Data Scientist

With Glassdoor naming data scientists as the No. 1 best job in America, it’s no surprise that companies around the U.S. are currently seeking professionals in this area. Not only do businesses require data scientists to enhance their own proprietary data, but they also need ways of incorporating information from third parties safely and effectively. If you’re planning to expand your hiring efforts in 2019, data scientists are a smart choice.


Cloud Engineer

These days, we keep everything from photos to songs in the cloud. And while this technology is great for freeing up space on your phone, companies need to hire experts to help them move from an on-premise infrastructure model to one based in the cloud. Cloud engineers can help you achieve this goal in the coming year.


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