The Select Difference


Contract Completion

Finding lasting, quality employees to do the job is always a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. With a completion rate over 95%, our consultants stay and succeed in their roles. We get the job done right the first time. Offering competitive compensation and benefits mean our consultants’ value is recognized. Frequent meetings and interactions with consultants foster positive relationships, helping to eliminate difficulties before they start.


Committed and Connected

Technology is the key that keeps us all connected. At Select Resources, we utilize technology to be continually available whenever you need us. Our responsive production and operations teams are committed to meeting your needs and are only a phone call, message, or click away.


Experience You Can Count On

To get results, you need an experienced team in your corner. Our Sales and Recruiting Team members have, on average, over a decade of IT staffing experience – meaning extensive networks and a deep knowledge of the industry. Time is money. Why not connect with a team that can find the right talent or job for you faster and more effectively?


Talking the Talk

We don’t just talk the talk, we believe in walking it too. We strive to incorporate our Purpose and Mission Statement into our work and into our everyday life. At Select Resources, we desire to make a positive impact – in the lives and careers of our clients and consultants, and in our greater community. Building lasting relationships and giving our time and resources to help others are the standards to which we aspire.

Purpose: Make a Positive Impact

  • With our Clients & Candidates – Developing relationships and adding value throughout their careers
  • With our Community – Giving our time and resources to help others

Core Values

  • Quality: in our work, in our relationships, in our people
  • Commitment: to one another, to the community, to winning
  • Integrity: through keeping our word, doing what is right and honoring God

Mission Statement

Bringing experienced professionals together with exceptional organziations, while honoring God.

  • Why Be A Follower When you can Be a Leader?

    Why Be a Follower When You Can Be a Leader?

    Get the IT Talent Your Business Needs Today.

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