The Right Way to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Posted: October 9, 2019

The most valuable assets of the world’s leading tech companies continue to swing from the realm of the physical – machines, computers, hardware – to the realm of the intangible – information, data, and ideas. According to the Harvard Business Review, intangible assets now comprise at least 80% of the value of any major Fortune 500 company. This paradigm shift is leading us into an entirely new age, a time in which companies are employing new and innovative forms of intellectual property security.  

Here are the top three tactics IT companies are integrating to protect intangible intellectual property: 

Use strong non-disclosure agreements 

The first (and most obvious) method for protecting intellectual property is to conduct work with airtight NDAs. With the inexorable shift in value from physical to intangible assets, more and more companies are partnering with third-party professionals to draft NDAs that will protect their intellectual property. It may also be necessary to return to any outstanding NDAs that are currently active and ensure the language used in them is totally comprehensive.  

 Keep digital protection strong  

Another major step for companies to protect intellectual property is implementing stronger firewalls and active intrusion detection regimes. These two forms of digital fortification are still your company’s best defense against hackers; just be sure you’re integrating the best protection technology you have available. 

 Use in-house security 

Given the stakes of having sensitive intellectual property information leaked or stolen, most companies are opting to increase the security-focused on their own employees. Whether you choose to install security cameras, increase security for who within the company has access to IT or simply intensify your background checks before bringing on new employees, stepping up in-house security can be effective insurance against intellectual property theft.  

 Educate your employees about intellectual property security and policy 

Industry best practices for the protection and security of intangible assets will continue to evolve throughout the coming years, so it is imperative for companies to continually communicate the policy to their teams. When you’re educating employees and managers about security, it’s also important to emphasize the idea that intellectual property security must be a daily, individual task if the security of the whole is to be protected. 

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