Struggling to Find Tech Talent? Try These 5 Things

Posted: April 10, 2019


Tech talent is today’s purple squirrel; in most markets, these professionals are, at best, elusive, and at worst, a myth. Globally, analysts say there will be a talent shortage of over 85.2 million technology experts (by when?). This means companies will be forced to walk away from lucrative contracts because there simply isn’t enough developer talent to do the work. While automation will help, most sources agree with the Korn Ferry report  which states, “Technology cannot deliver the promised productivity gains if there are not enough human workers with the right skills.”


With this looming shortage, what can companies do to find tech talent and staff up for the coming years? Here are five tips for more creative recruiting:


  1. Make your company visible in the tech scene in your city.

When recruiting local technology talent, it’s imperative you get involved in the community. The developer community is lively; there are meetup groups, startup innovation events, seminars and general gatherings of nerds at everything from hack-a-thons to boot camps. If you want to reach the talent, participating in these events will help you gain the trust of a community that generally distrusts recruiters. Developers, in particular, hate the drama that comes with change, so sponsoring events, leading training and generally getting involved is a subtle, but effective way to reach new talent.


  1. Offer scheduling flexibility.

People lead busy lives, so having the option to flex a schedule (huh?) to accommodate a sick child, or other life-related issues, will help entice today’s technology professional. Allowing work-from-home days will not only endear your company to talent but also increase their productivity. Allowing candidates to shift schedules when necessary means you understand and support work-life balance; something that’s important to every employee, not just tech-centric workers.


  1. Offer a career path.

Do developers have the opportunity to lead teams one day? Can they take on a different role such as a Scrum Master? Will the company pay for a new certification that allows the developer to stay sharp? If developers have an option to work on several of different projects, or progress in their skills, it’s a big plus.


  1. Pay them what they’re worth.

Just getting into a salary war isn’t what we’re advocating for. But if you can offer a career path and scheduling flexibility in addition to a  competitiveliving wage, that will help set your company apart from your competitors. Simply put, salaries still matter. For companies to attract the best talent, their wages and benefits must be competitive.


  1. Consider new partnerships.

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