Managers Need to Think Like Employees in Order to Retain Their Top Performers

Posted: March 12, 2019

Wondering why your best employees keep abandoning you for the competition? The truth is your management style may be to blame. If your team leaders aren’t setting clear expectations and providing the right rewards, it’s only logical that your top performers would find other employers who appreciate their efforts. Read on for tips on retaining top talent by thinking like an employee.


Clarify Goals

If you want your employees to meet expectations, set clear objectives. This starts with the hiring process; after all, managers who don’t craft meaningful job descriptions are unlikely to attract the right workers from the get-go. Additionally, supervisors should communicate with employees regularly to ensure everyone is on the same page and identify any issues during the early stages, when they can still be corrected. 


Reward Hard Work

Everyone enjoys positive reinforcement, so make an effort to acknowledge workers’ achievements and thank them for going the extra mile. While paying employees a reasonable salary is crucial, the best companies also offer monetary bonuses, benefits and general positive feedback. A simple, “I appreciate your work” goes a long way.


Offer Advancement Opportunities

Some employees are happy doing the same job every day for years on end. However, the most in-demand employees tend to want more from their careers. If you want to avoid losing your best people to your competitors, offer ways for workers to climb the corporate ladder and develop their skills. When in doubt, ask employees about their goals and take steps to help them succeed.


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