Chances are, your hiring process is missing good candidates because you’re falling prey to hiring biases you may not even know you have. Studies show that unconscious bias permeates most of our hiring processes, which is why companies often  enact diversity and inclusions programs. The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) says, “Unconscious racism, ageism, and sexism play a big role in whom we hire.” How can companies overcome these biases when it’s possible we don’t recognize them when they occur?


Unconscious Bias Likely Affecting Your Hiring Best Practices

Chances are, your company isn’t happy with the level of diversity within the organization. If this is true, try working backward, starting with the process of sourcing and hiring new talent. Is it possible your team is falling victim to unconscious assumptions or biases about race or ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age or some other human characteristic that subtly influences our choice of candidates?


SHRM says the first step toward addressing any possible issues in these areas is to standardize the hiring process as much as possible. Create awareness of these issues by conducting training that will peel back the layers of racism, ageism, sexism, homophobia, or other issues that are keeping you from hiring good candidates and preventing your company from presenting a diverse cultural image to the rest of the world.


The Roots of Cultural Bias and How to Overcome Them

The truth is every human has unconscious biases, and many of them stem all the way back to childhood and early lessons we learned from our parents. Awareness training can create dialogues between people and get to the heart of these perceptions that have been woven into the very fabric of our thought processes. It is only by working as a team to expose these often-unconscious attitudes can we learn new ways of behaving that eliminate them altogether.


Best Practice Tip #1– Change Your Job Descriptions

Even the subtleties of language in your ads can deter a diverse mix of candidates from applying. SHRM says that words like “collaborative” or “cooperative” can attract women, while “competitive” or “determined” can turn them off. Try mixing up the word choices to see if there is a change in who applies.


Best Practice Tip #2 –Make Your Resumes Anonymous

Next, try to level the playing field by eliminating biases toward demographic characteristics. SHRM reports that names like “Jamal” or “Latisha” get fewer callbacks than “John” or “Emily.” There are software programs that can remove personal identification so they do not play a factor in your decision-making process.


Improving the Outcomes: Unconscious Bias and Your Company

Unconscious biases can be rooted as deeply as the subconscious, which is why they are so difficult to ferret out. But because they run so deep, they must be yanked out by the roots, and this takes time, training, and energy to embrace change and reap the benefits of a more diverse workforce.


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Tech talent is today’s purple squirrel; in most markets, these professionals are, at best, elusive, and at worst, a myth. Globally, analysts say there will be a talent shortage of over 85.2 million technology experts (by when?). This means companies will be forced to walk away from lucrative contracts because there simply isn’t enough developer talent to do the work. While automation will help, most sources agree with the Korn Ferry report  which states, “Technology cannot deliver the promised productivity gains if there are not enough human workers with the right skills.”


With this looming shortage, what can companies do to find tech talent and staff up for the coming years? Here are five tips for more creative recruiting:


  1. Make your company visible in the tech scene in your city.

When recruiting local technology talent, it’s imperative you get involved in the community. The developer community is lively; there are meetup groups, startup innovation events, seminars and general gatherings of nerds at everything from hack-a-thons to boot camps. If you want to reach the talent, participating in these events will help you gain the trust of a community that generally distrusts recruiters. Developers, in particular, hate the drama that comes with change, so sponsoring events, leading training and generally getting involved is a subtle, but effective way to reach new talent.


  1. Offer scheduling flexibility.

People lead busy lives, so having the option to flex a schedule (huh?) to accommodate a sick child, or other life-related issues, will help entice today’s technology professional. Allowing work-from-home days will not only endear your company to talent but also increase their productivity. Allowing candidates to shift schedules when necessary means you understand and support work-life balance; something that’s important to every employee, not just tech-centric workers.


  1. Offer a career path.

Do developers have the opportunity to lead teams one day? Can they take on a different role such as a Scrum Master? Will the company pay for a new certification that allows the developer to stay sharp? If developers have an option to work on several of different projects, or progress in their skills, it’s a big plus.


  1. Pay them what they’re worth.

Just getting into a salary war isn’t what we’re advocating for. But if you can offer a career path and scheduling flexibility in addition to a  competitiveliving wage, that will help set your company apart from your competitors. Simply put, salaries still matter. For companies to attract the best talent, their wages and benefits must be competitive.


  1. Consider new partnerships.

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If you’re a database engineer, congratulations may be in order. Numerous employers are currently seeking your talents to help them build new databases, configure existing systems, and perform regular maintenance. However, your job prospects depend in large part on your skill set. Here are the most in-demand database engineering skills among Michigan employers:


Knowledge of SQL

Web developers use JavaScript and HTML. Database engineers need to know SQL if they hope to succeed. Widely regarded as the most essential programming language for database engineers, SQL is constantly evolving, and aspiring workers need to take steps to stay current. If you feel like your talents are lagging in this area, consider taking a course at your local community college to stay competitive in the field. 


Debugging and Optimization Expertise

When it comes to daily database management, engineers spend a large portion of their time fixing problems and boosting overall productivity. With that in mind, individuals in this field need to have extensive debugging and optimization skills. This ability is particularly important at companies where database engineers have total end-to-end visibility. 


Communication Skills

Of course, being an effective database engineer isn’t just about having top-notch tech skills. Workers must also possess solid soft skills to succeed in this growing field. Successful employees in the database engineering industry need to be expert communicators. After all, engineers will likely need to work hand in hand with a range of professionals, including project managers, programmers and other techs. If you can’t communicate effectively by phone and email, you might have trouble doing this job.


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Wondering why your best employees keep abandoning you for the competition? The truth is your management style may be to blame. If your team leaders aren’t setting clear expectations and providing the right rewards, it’s only logical that your top performers would find other employers who appreciate their efforts. Read on for tips on retaining top talent by thinking like an employee.


Clarify Goals

If you want your employees to meet expectations, set clear objectives. This starts with the hiring process; after all, managers who don’t craft meaningful job descriptions are unlikely to attract the right workers from the get-go. Additionally, supervisors should communicate with employees regularly to ensure everyone is on the same page and identify any issues during the early stages, when they can still be corrected. 


Reward Hard Work

Everyone enjoys positive reinforcement, so make an effort to acknowledge workers’ achievements and thank them for going the extra mile. While paying employees a reasonable salary is crucial, the best companies also offer monetary bonuses, benefits and general positive feedback. A simple, “I appreciate your work” goes a long way.


Offer Advancement Opportunities

Some employees are happy doing the same job every day for years on end. However, the most in-demand employees tend to want more from their careers. If you want to avoid losing your best people to your competitors, offer ways for workers to climb the corporate ladder and develop their skills. When in doubt, ask employees about their goals and take steps to help them succeed.


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Available under the Immigration and Nationality Act, the H-1B visa enables U.S. employers to hire foreign workers for specialized positions on a temporary basis. To qualify for the visa, candidates must have specialized knowledge in a particular occupation, along with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and/or equivalent work experience in the field.

At Select Holdings, we strive to keep our tech clients up to date on various issues affecting their companies, including the latest visa program developments. Read on for H-1B visa changes you can expect in the coming year.


Increased Number of Advanced Degree Recipients

In 2019, the USCIS will reverse the order in which it chooses H-1B petitions based on the H-1B cap and advanced degree exemption. In other words, more opportunities will be available for candidates with master’s degrees or doctorates from American universities. This change will switch the selection order so that advanced degree exemptions are made after the H-1B cap.


New Electronic Registry Requirement

New H-1B candidates will need to electronically register with the USCIS prior to applying. And because employers won’t be required to send in petitions and other documentation before cap selection, they won’t have to invest as much time and effort into the process.  The end result is that the H-1B visa process will be more efficient and less costly overall.

It’s worth noting that new legislation may affect the ability of H4 visa holders to work in the U.S. A dependent visa for H1B, the H4 visa enables spouses and children of H1B recipients to enter the country. While a 2015 ruling by the Obama administration enabled some H4 visa holders to pursue employment in this country, the Trump administration is attempting to eliminate this authorization. This change could impact the tens of thousands of foreign nationals living in this country.


Changing Political Landscape

It’s worth considering how the evolving political landscape will shape the H-1B visa program in the coming years. The Trump administration has historically been detrimental to immigration efforts, and companies might discover new roadblocks in their efforts to bring talented H-1B candidates on board. Still, experts are hopeful that the 2018 elections will bring positive changes to this important program in the coming months.


Maximize IT Talent at Your Business

We’ve seen it happen time and again – companies hire less-than-qualified IT employees, and business suffers as a result. A leader in local staffing, Select Resources is passionate about helping companies hire smarter with a goal of increasing productivity and keeping them at the forefront of their industries. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact our experts today.


As technology continues to evolve, companies are expanding their workforces to keep up. From virtual reality to artificial intelligence, changes in the way we live our lives are forcing companies to seek out workers with new skills and abilities. A leader in Michigan tech staffing, Select Resources, helps companies throughout the state find top talent for their open positions. Read on to discover the most in-demand tech sector jobs of 2019.


Cybersecurity Engineer

It’s seems like every day a major company is suffering a hack or security breach. With that in mind, it’s no surprise security is becoming a top concern of businesses across the nation. In 2019, companies should anticipate hiring more cybersecurity engineers to protect their employees and customers from online dangers.


Data Scientist

With Glassdoor naming data scientists as the No. 1 best job in America, it’s no surprise that companies around the U.S. are currently seeking professionals in this area. Not only do businesses require data scientists to enhance their own proprietary data, but they also need ways of incorporating information from third parties safely and effectively. If you’re planning to expand your hiring efforts in 2019, data scientists are a smart choice.


Cloud Engineer

These days, we keep everything from photos to songs in the cloud. And while this technology is great for freeing up space on your phone, companies need to hire experts to help them move from an on-premise infrastructure model to one based in the cloud. Cloud engineers can help you achieve this goal in the coming year.


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Compensation is an important area of focus for anyone connected to the tech industry, and for good reason. Hiring managers facing the distinct IT skills gap are finding themselves unsure of the right amount to offer in-demand talent in order to secure their services. Similarly, tech pros who are inundated with varying job opportunities might end up with inaccurate salary expectations, inclining them to chase an unrealistically high number or unknowingly accept a subpar offer.


Regional factors shape compensation levels even further, so anyone seeking to understand appropriate tech salaries must take into account the full picture. That’s why we’ve created your 2018 Midwest IT Salary Guide. In addition to providing detailed salary figures, the guide explores the Chicago, Detroit, and Grand Rapids tech hubs as well as in-demand tech skills in the Midwest.


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