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  • "I was an employee for short period, but I can assure you that Select Resource took care of me in all aspects right from day one. I interacted with a Director throughout my experience with the company. All the staff members I encountered were so humble, available, and supportive. The one thing I really appreciate is that they are very transparent with HR processes (Visa Transfer, Payroll, HR activities, etc). This is my first time with a consulting company and so far my experience is so good. I am very glad to be part of this company. All the very best for the company!"


    Senior System Administrator

    Automotive Industry 

  • "Working with Select Resources was great! They looked at my resume and found potential I was capable of, instead of attempting to talk me into a lower position because they needed it filled."


    System Analyst

  • "I have known Tom and been a customer of Select Resources for over 15 years. During that time, they have provided both temporary and permanent placements across a wide variety IT roles. Their commitment and dedication in serving our needs coupled with their commitment to matching qualified candidates with our culture has truly made Select Resources a highly valued business partner."


    IT Director

  • "Many thanks for providing resources on time for the phase 1 project. I have been really impressed with the services Select Resources has offered. I look forward to working with Select Resources for many more years."


    IT Technical Lead

    Automotive Industry 

  • "I just want to personally thank you for all the help and resources you provide for my team. I must admit, your personal commitment, the speed with which you identify resources, the flexibility you have had with resources that we brought on to your team from other companies, and the quality of the resources you provide have put you above and beyond any other vendors that I work with. It is my pleasure to continue to work with your team and continue growing our relationship."



  • "At first, I figured Select Resources was going to be just another dead end recruiting service, but things moved rapidly after our initial conversation. We discussed my resume, skill set, and the type of IT job I was interested in, and within days I had a phone interview, face-to-face interview, and job offer. Since then, Select Resources has periodically checked in just to see how I’m doing. Working for Select has been very rewarding. Not only is everyone very professional, but they genuinely listen to my opinions with full attention, always follow through, and make me feel like I am a valuable asset. I would highly recommend Select Resources."


    Senior IT Analyst

  • "Mike Stinson has provided top notch support and IT candidates to our organization over the past 8 years. We truly value his ability to identify only the best candidates that fit our technical requirements and company culture. Mike is flexible and willing to do whatever it takes to create a win-win situation for the company and the candidates that we hire through Select Resources. You would not go wrong partnering with Mike and Select Resources to help fulfill your IT hiring needs."



  • "I have been in the IT field since the 1990’s and been very active working as a consultant for several contract firms. A friend offered me a chance to work for Select Resources, a new experience for me as a professional. The attention and time spent on me (and all contractors) meant that Select Resources cared.  I had direct contact not only from the Account Managers, but the President of the company.  The constant attention and appreciation impressed me so much. I felt like part of the company. I have been truly blessed to know and experience TRUE care and appreciation from this wonderful company, Select Resources. "


    IPC Analyst

    Automotive Industry

  • "I have been a customer of Select Resources for over 15 years. During that time, they have provided both temporary and permanent placements across a wide variety of technology and business specialties. Their investment in understanding our needs coupled with their commitment to matching technically qualified candidates with our culture has truly made Select Resources a consistently trusted business partner."



    Former SVP and CIO

  • "I've worked for several different companies over the years and Select Resources is one of the best companies for contractors. I have never been on a first name basis with the owner of the company like I am with Tom at Select Resources. Most places will have lots of contact with you but disappear once they've placed you. Not Select Resources. There are frequent visits and emails from the account manager and the owner to make sure that everything is okay which makes me feel like part of a family and puts them far above the competition. I highly recommend Select Resources and will continue to do so."


    IT Analyst

    Automotive Industry 

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We believe that personal and professional fulfillment go hand in hand. Our Recruiters and Account Managers enjoy some of the most flexible and well-compensated roles in the entire IT staffing industry. Lend us your talents and we’ll give you stability, career progression, and a whole lot of fun.


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